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Current Desktop

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One of the most common questions people ask in mathematics what books they should read to learn a particular topic. While I am by no means an expert, I have used plenty of different texts throughout my undergraduate years, and so I’ve taken some time to pick out my favorites for various topics.

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I also host some notes that I’ve compiled from previous classes.

Tools of Choice

I spend quite a bit of time at the terminal, so here are some of my favorite tools:

  • Distribution: Arch Linux
  • Terminal: lxterminal
  • Shell: zsh
  • Window Manager: xmonad
  • Desktop Environment: xfce4
  • Multiplexer: tmux
  • Text Editor: vim
  • Browser: chromium

Here are a few more esoteric programs that I find pretty useful:

Name Description
x2go A faster alternative to VNC for remote X sessions.
seafile A self-hosted file storage replacement for services like DropBox.
picard A great utility for properly tagging and organizing music files. (It just works!)
calibre Perhaps the best tools for managing collections of PDF books.


A while back, I put together a page to search and filter through all of the code I’ve written on Github, based on the names of the projects and the language the code was written in. I plan to do a small writeup on how this can easily be done using Jekyll’s Github Authentication gem, but in the meantime you can still checkout the page!

Check Out My Book Recommendations

You can also just go to them directly: