Math 1113: Precalculus (Spring 2021)

General Info

Meeting Times

  • Section 1 (CRN 59202): 10:20 am - 11:10 am MWF Dawson Hall 208

  • Section 2 (CRN 24929): 11:30 am - 12:20 pm MWF Boyd 203

The course begins Wednesday, January 13th. Our first meetings will be on Zoom – please check ELC for meeting room announcements.

Syllabus and Scheduling


  • If you have any questions or otherwise need assistance, please email me at

Notes and Solutions

Quiz 1 Material

Relevant sections:

  • 1.1 (Distances between points)
  • 1.3 (Relations, domains and ranges, evaluating functions)
  • 1.4 (Point-slope, slope-intercept equations and average rate of change)


Section 1 Notes:

Section 2 Notes:

Quiz 2 Material

Relevant sections:

  • 1.4 (Point-slope, slope-intercept equations and average rate of change)
  • 1.5 (Linear models, interpreting parameters)
  • Note: Everything is cumulative, so concepts from previous sections may always show up! For this quiz, the focus will likely be on domains and ranges.



  • To be posted.

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Week 1 (Wednesday Jan. 13th)

  • See email for Zoom meeting links. Bookmark or add to your calendar.

  • Gradescope: sign up and submit Quiz 0. Be sure to check all of the upcoming due dates.

  • Set up ALEKS accounts and complete Readiness/Assessment test (see ELC for 2-week temporary access code).
    • Complete Initial Knowledge Check and Readiness Test (Due Friday)
    • Complete Readiness Objective.
    • Add due dates to your calendar.
  • Complete Section 1.1:
  • Start Section 1.3:

Week 2 (Monday Jan 18th)



  • Drop date!
  • ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check due (and possibly Readiness Module).
  • Section 1.4
  • Review feedback on PreClasses before Friday’s quiz!
  • Review worksheet solutions in ELC.


Week 3 (Monday Jan 25)




  • Review
  • Quiz 2 Take-home, turn in on Gradescope before 11 PM.
    • See the Quiz 2 section above for details about what’s covered, lecture notes, and solutions to review.
  • Basic Skills Test on ALEKS