As of the 2022-2023 academic year, I am a fourth-year graduate student at the University of Georgia working in algebraic geometry with Valery Alexeev. I am currently thinking about moduli spaces of K3 surfaces, particularly with symplectic and/or non-symplectic automorphisms.

In Spring 2023, I am serving as a graduate administrator with the UGA at Oxford program starting in March.

You can find a copy of my CV here (last updated Fall 2021).


You can find more links, details, and older talks on my talks page.

  • My oral exam talk on Phil Engel’s paper Looijenga’s conjecture via integral affine geometry (UGA, December 2022)
    • Notes/slides forthcoming.
  • $A_\infty\dash$Categories, Toward a Definition of the Fukaya Category (UGA Symplectic Reading Seminar, September 2022)
  • Some applications of the Torelli theorem: Faltings’ proof of the Mordell conjecture. (UGA Reading Group, July 2022)
  • Annihilator of the Lefschetz Motive (The MIT Talbot Workshop, June 2022)
  • Why Derived Geometry? (UGA GSS, February 2022)

Recent Notes

You can find many more notes on my writing page.