About Me

I graduated from the University of California, San Diego in June 2018 with a degree in Pure Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. I currently work as a Data Scientist, primarily doing forecasting and mathematical modeling, and am planning to begin pursuing a Ph.D in Mathematics in 2019.

I am broadly interested in algebraic aspects of geometry and topology – I participated in undergraduate research in Topology with the inimitable Justin Roberts, which included a study of spectral sequences, homotopy theory, fiber bundles, classifying spaces, characteristic classes, and basic intersection theory.

You can find details concerning my experience and educational background at the links at the top of the page. Under “resources”, I’ve assembled some math-related advice, recommendations, and answers to questions that I often hear students ask.

You can also find my blog posts here – I generally find it’s easiest to learn material when I attempt to write it up, so these posts are my efforts to convert sketches, notes, and outlines into something readable. I welcome any feedback or suggestions anyone might have – feel free to contact me via email, and my direct/personal messages on social media are always open!

I also host a Mathematics variant of Arxiv Sanity Preserver which can be found at https://math-arxiv-sanity.dzackgarza.com/

Recent Posts

Setting Up A Haskell Dev Environment

7 minute read

Since the second week of this year’s GSOC is drawing to a close, I figured I’d take a minute to write a bit about my experience diving into Haskell developme...

Introductory Statistical Analysis in R

2 minute read

This Summer, while I’ve been interning at Shutterfly, I’ve also been taking a course in introductory statistics. Of course, since I’m majoring in Computer Sc...

Big O Notation

1 minute read

Determining the running-time complexity of some common types of functions.