I am a first-year graduate student at the University of Georgia. Before that, I earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. You can find a copy of my CV here (last updated Spring 2019).

I am broadly interested in algebraic aspects of geometry and topology – my undergraduate research was in Algebraic Topology with the inimitable Justin Roberts, which involved a study of spectral sequences, homotopy theory, fiber bundles, classifying spaces, and characteristic classes.

This semester (Fall 2019), I am the teaching assistant for UGA’s Math 2200. I’m available for drop-in tutoring every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5PM to 8PM in Boyd 204, and office hours by appointment.


Under Resources, I’ve assembled some math-related advice, recommendations, and answers to questions that I often hear students ask.


  • Some slides (HTML, PDF) and notes from a Mathematic Subject GRE workshop that I held in Spring 2019 at UC San Diego.
  • I host a fork of the Arxiv Sanity Preserver , which regularly indexes papers from a number of Mathematics categories on Arxiv.com.
  • A gallery of math-related images and diagrams I’ve created for various talks and papers, as well as various other photos.
  • An animated visualization of persistent homology on a time-evolving simplicial complex. (Work in Progress!)
  • A square topology toy in HTML/Canvas, designed to visualize walking around and drawing graphs in spaces with topologies arising from identifying the edges of a square.
  • A 3D visualization of familiar toplogical spaces embedded into $\RR^3$ (using the 3D Javascript library Three.js)
  • A giant diagram of algebraic structures
  • My (rather unorganized!) directory of various notes

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