I am a third-year graduate student at the University of Georgia. I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego, where my undergraduate research was in homotopy theory and spectral sequences with Justin Roberts. I am broadly interested in moduli and classification problems, algebraic, homological, and homotopical invariants, and topics in the Langlands program.

You can find a copy of my CV here. (last updated Fall 2021).

In Spring 2022, I am teaching Math 2250 (Calculus), and co-organizing the UGA graduate student seminar with Arvind Suresh. See UGA GSS.

Qualifying Exams: See https://quals.dzackgarza.com/ for a wiki of qualifying exam resources, topics, and review guides, along with worked problems and solutions.

Current Notes


You can find more links and details on my talks page.

Recent Notes

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Make Me A Qual

Question generator for Mathematics qualifying exams.

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(Math) Arxiv Sanity Preserver

Machine Learning-based index of Arxiv papers.

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Persistent Homology

A time-evolving Vietoris-Ripps complex.

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Topological Snake

A visualization of what the game ‘Snake’ would look like in various topologies.

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Embedded Surfaces

3D visualization of some common topological surfaces.

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Map of Algebraic Structures

A digraph depicting how common algebraic structures are related.

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My Notes Wiki

My (rather unorganized) public directory of things like notes and tex templates.

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