My Talks

12/2022: On Phil Engel’s paper Looijenga’s conjecture via integral affine geometry

UGA Oral Exam, December 2022.

Notes/slides forthcoming.

07/2022: Applications of Torelli: Faltings’ proof of the Mordell conjecture.

UGA Reading Group, July 2022

Slides (PDF)

06/2022: The Annihilator of the Lefschetz Motive

The MIT Talbot Workshop, June 2022.

Typeset Notes (PDF)

02/2022: Why Derived Geometry

UGA Graduate Student Seminar, February 2021.

Slides (PDF)

11/2021: Betz-Cohen’s “Graph Moduli Spaces and Cohomology Operations”: The Equivariant Invariants

Reading group at UGA, November 2021.

Slides (PDF), Slides (HTML),

09/2021: Catalan’s Conjecture, the Cases $q=2$ and $p=2$.


08/2021: Computing Volumes of Moduli Spaces

Mock AMS Conference, UGA.

Slides: to be posted.

07/2021: Grothendieck’s “On the de Rham Cohomology of Algebraic Varieties”


Slides (PDF)

06/2021: The Adams Spectral Sequence.

Stable Homotopy Theory Seminar.

Slides (PDF), Slides (HTML), Video

06/2021: McDuff-Salamon “$J\dash$holomorphic Curves and Symplectic Topology” Seminar

Symplectic Reading Seminar at UGA.

05/2021: Sarkar-Wang’s “An algorithm for computing some Heegaard Floer homologies”.

Heegaard-Floer homology course final presentation.

03/2021: An Overview of Stable Homotopy Theory

Graduate Student Seminar at UGA.

Slides (PDF)

03/2021: Homotopy Groups of Spectra

Stable Homotopy Theory Seminar.

Slides (PDF), Video

Fall 2020: Floer Homology, Multiple Talks

Reading seminar at UGA.

06/2020: Interesting Topological Spaces in Algebraic Geometry

Mock AMS Conference at UGA.

Slides (HTML)

04/2020: Zeta Functions and The Weil Conjectures, “Numbers of solutions of equations in finite fields”


Slides (PDF)

04/2020: Homotopy Groups of Spheres

UGA Graduate Student Seminar, UGA.

Slides (PDF)

02/2020: Theorems/Conjectures on Periodic Orbits in Symplectic Geometry

Graduate Student Topology Seminar, UGA.

2019 and Earlier

  • Nov 2019: Homotopy Theory and the Kervaire Invariant One Problem

    Graduate Student Topology Seminar, UGA

  • Oct 2019: Spectral Sequences: A Primer

    Graduate Student Seminar, UGA

  • Sep 2019: Comparison Theorems in Cohomology: Singular, Simplicial, de Rham, and Čech

    In-Class Talk, UGA.

  • Feb 2019: Mathematics Subject GRE Workshop

    Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students, UCSD.

Notes(PDF) Slides (HTML) Slides (PDF)

  • 06/2018: Homotopy and the Hopf Fibration (UCSD)

  • 04/2018: Introduction to Markdown and Latex for Mathematics (UCSD)

  • 02/2018: Topological Fixed Point Theorems (UCSD)

  • 11/2017: Homology and The Snake Lemma (UCSD)

  • 10/2017: Algebraic Geometry: A Historical Primer (UCSD)

  • 10/2017: Introduction to Functional Programming (UCSD)

  • 05/2017: Intermediate LaTeX (UCSD)

  • 04/2017: Introduction to LaTeX (UCSD)

  • 02/2017: Intermediate LaTeX (UCSD)

  • 01/2017: Intermediate LaTeX: Organizing Large Projects (UCSD)

  • 01/2017: Category Theory as a Mathematical Organizational Tool (UCSD)

  • 11/2016: Introduction to LaTeX (UCSD)

  • 11/2016: Introduction to Category Theory, Part 2 (UCSD)

  • 10/2016: Introduction to Category Theory, Part 1 (UCSD)

  • 10/2016: Haskell for Mathematicians (UCSD)

  • 05/2013: Discrete Mathematics: An Overview of Graphs and Trees (Sierra College)


  • Winter/Spring 2018: Undergraduate Research with Justin Roberts in Algebraic Topology (UCSD)

Poster (PDF) Paper, Rough Draft (PDF)